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What We Publish

Avalon travel guides feature a combination of practicality and spirit, offering a traveler-to-traveler perspective perfect for planning an afternoon hike, around-the-world journey, or anything in between. ATP publishes seven major series: Rick Steves, Moon Handbooks, Moon Metro, Moon Outdoors, Moon Living Abroad, Road Trip USA, and The Dog Lover’s Companion.

Each series has a different emphasis and a different geographic coverage. At any given moment, we are seeking to acquire only a handful of specific titles in each of our major series.

Please note that we are only looking for books that fit into our current series at this time and are not interested in the following genres: fiction, children’s books, and travelogues/travel diaries.

How to Get Our Attention: The Pitch

To apply for any of the titles listed on the series-specific pages, please send a resume, a cover letter, and up to five relevant clips to avalon.acquisitions@perseusbooks.com. In the cover letter, please specify which title you are interested in and explain why you are the best person to author that guidebook. A full proposal is not required at this preliminary stage.

We will contact those applicants that we think might be a good fit for the book and ask them for a phone interview. Unfortunately, we cannot respond personally to every applicant. After the phone interviews, we will invite the best candidates to write full proposals for the project.

Please do not send general applications stating that you are qualified to write any number of books. It is rare for a writer to be considered qualified to write about more than one or two destinations, so please be specific in your cover letter about which title you are applying for and why you are the best person to write that book.

To learn more about how to get our attention, read the acquisitions director’s post on Moon.com.

Proposal Instructions

All potential authors must be willing to submit a full proposal in order to be considered. The proposal must include ALL of the following information.

  1. Introduction. Give an overview of the destination, including its personality or character. Evoke a sense of place—successful proposals should make us want to go to the destination. Please limit this description to one page.
  2. Author credentials. What are the reasons that you would be the best author for this book? Include applicable experience, education, and other materials previously published. Be sure to attach a copy of your resume and contact information for at least three professional references. (Much of this may be reused from your original application cover letter and resume.)
  3. Competition analysis. Describe all other books currently available that would be competition for your proposed book. Analyze the coverage, voice, and strategic information of each. Also discuss how your book would be different and why the market needs your book.
  4. Outline. Compose a detailed outline the contents of your proposed book. The outline should show the general structure of the book and how each region will be covered. The outline and other proposed content must match the requirements listed in our series guidelines. For each chapter, include a brief (4–5 sentences) description of the area or subject covered in that chapter.
  5. Sample profiles. Please provide five profiles as samples of the kind of descriptions you would include in the book: one sight profile, two restaurant profiles, and two hotel profiles.
  6. Marketing and promotion. Please answer the following questions regarding the marketing and promotion of the book:
    • Do you have an existing web site? What is the URL?
    • Do you anticipate having a web site for this destination? If so, when do you think you would have the web site available on the internet?
    • Would you consider writing a written blog and/or an audio blog at moon.com?
    • Would you consider uploading photos or video to moon.com?
    • Would you consider doing a podcast?
    • Would you commit to participating in the Amazon Author Connect program?
    • Are you interested in doing bookstore events that require slides or a Powerpoint presentation?
    • Have you been interviewed in print, on the radio, on broadcast television, or on the web before? Do you consider yourself effective and comfortable with the media?
    • Do you have established relationships with travel editors and/or producers on the web, in print, television, or radio? If so, would you provide a contact list at the time of your guide’s publication?
  7. Manuscript specifications. Talk about the details: estimated page count, time needed to complete the manuscript, number and types of photographs you would include in the book (and how they would be obtained), and number and types of maps you would like in the book (and will provide materials for).
  8. Sample photos. Submit five photos (as TIFF or JPG files), with accompanying captions, that are representative of the photos that you would take or obtain for the book.
  9. Map. Please provide an electronic map that outlines the geographic divisions you plan to use in the book. We find that Google Maps are a good option for conveying this information.

The Work in Brief

Avalon travel guides range in size from 250 pages to approximately 700 pages. The destination and focus of the guide determine its size, and the author typically has 6–12 months to research and write the book. Each book must conform to its respective series guidelines (we will provide guidelines only to those candidates who are selected to write a proposal). The author is also responsible for providing photos and map materials.

Address all correspondence to:

Acquisitions Editor
email avalon.acquisitions@perseusbooks.com

Please do not mail hard copy pitches or proposals to the Avalon Travel office.





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